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Light-emitting diodes or LEDs are becoming led street light china popular as a technology in different appliances and gadgets. Today, we have smartphones and televisions with LED screens, as well as other devices that use it for signalling and displaying purposes.

In the context of our discussion, let’s take a look at one LED application that has an enormous potential, both in terms of efficiency and sustainability: lighting. Whereas conventional lighting (halogen and incandescent) use a mechanism that heats a tungsten filament to produce light, LEDs generate light by running an arc of electrical current between two electrodes. LED lights are also different from compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), which produce light by electrically exciting gases (think argon and mercury vapour) inside their spiralling tubes.

LED them go

How do these differences give LED an advantage? Why do we need to let other lighting types go and use LED technology instead?

While we should admit that LED lights do cost more upfront, the benefits outweigh this seeming disadvantage. You see, lighting that requires the filament-heating mechanism wastes so much energy to heat that only 10% is translated to light. There is a reason why incandescent lighting frequent incubators in poultry farms – they give out so much heat, much more than they give light! LEDs beat these types by utilising as much as 80% of the energy used for light. Also, LED lights, at their optimal capacity, can run for up to 80,000 hours without dimming. This is overwhelming compared to filament types that have a lifespan of up to 5,000 hours only.

So the first major benefit we see here is savings in the long-run. Electricity is used more efficiently, which helps save in utility expenses. Then, there’s the benefit of not replacing bulbs as frequently.

We turn now to LED’s advantages over CFLs. CFLs contain harmful mercury vapour, so that when bulbs are broken, they tend to emit this poisonous gas and expose whoever gets to inhale it to health hazards. This mercury component is also responsible for CFLs’ disposal problem. On the other, LED lights usually don’t incorporate this kind of harmful gases in its mechanism. Thus, the second major benefit of LEDs is their tendency to be produced without environmentally harmful materials.

Solar + LED = Super Sustainable

We previously talked about the energy sustainability that solar power provides us. Because LED lighting uses electricity so efficiently, using solar energy to power it gives us a better opportunity to contribute to sustainability. At Solartec, we use LED technology in our residential solar power kits and street lighting products because we believe that this combination can go very far in helping communities, especially in developing nations. Check us out for sustainable solar solutions you need.

Businesses and organizations of all kinds can save money by buying LED Christmas lights at wholesale prices and in bulk. LED Christmas lights have a high dollar cost up front, although the energy savings and long life of the bulbs and lights more than make up for those initial costs quite quickly. However, unlike homes and small offices, when a large company or city sets out to make the transition from traditional incandescent lights to LED Christmas lights, quantities to be purchased can be as much as hundreds of light strings and tens of thousands of bulbs. With each light string and bulb saving up to 80% in energy costs and lasting hundreds of thousands of hours longer, they are extremely attractive. However, while taxpayers may save money in the future, and holiday electric bills will be minimal, it might still difficult to swallow the initial costs of LED Christmas lights. Wholesale prices help ease the pain, often reducing costs by close to 50%.

The wholesale market caters to businesses with resale certificates or governments with a purchase order – that’s all it usually takes to benefit from discounted pricing. Businesses and governments have a lot of decorating to do each season. From towering commercial trees to ice rinks, hotels, golf courses, airports, department stores and city streets and parks, everything gets lit up for the Christmas season. Every tree, lamp post, entryway, roof line and column is decorated in colors that light up the eyes of children and adults alike, keeping the season joyous and shoppers happy. Even commercial decorations like wreaths and skylines can be lit using LED lights. The ability to purchase at wholesale helps offset the costs of holiday lighting for companies and cities.

There should never be a difference in selection or quality between retail and wholesale lights. Wholesale is simply a term for products being sold at steep discounts off full retail. Retail is the full price point items are sold to the typical shopper who is only looking for a one-time purchase, and smaller purchases. If a store limits selection for wholesale buyers, move on to another store. Likewise, if a store is willing to let shoppers who do not have an established wholesale account get information on wholesale prices, move on to another store. Confidentiality is important in wholesale pricing.

Discounted prices help reduce the costs of rope lights, lighted motifs, C7 and C9 bulbs, mini light strings, icicle lights and more. Plan to make the economical and environmentally friendly step from incandescent to this type of light this holiday season. Enjoy the brilliant illumination of LED lights, as well as the unbreakable bulbs and longer life. Lights will no longer go out after just one season of use and bulbs won’t break as often. LED Christmas lights can be relied on, and used year after year. Stay within budget and take a step forward with LED Christmas lights at wholesale prices.

It is becoming increasing popular these days as people have begun to recognise the benefits of using it. It is being installed in many of the major cities as it illuminates a wide area. There are many other benefits of installing it containing LED bulbs.

It is quite different from the ordinary lights used in homes as in it a number of bulbs are collectively used in a it. As a result these street lights emit greater light at a relatively lesser cost.

Reasons to Install LED Street Light

Today most of the metropolitan cities have it to brighten the roads and lanes. One of the major reasons for installing these lights includes its cost effectiveness. It is relatively cheaper compared to the ordinary lights. Its need to be lit for a longer period of time and the use of these lights are probably the best option to meet rising electricity bills.

There are many advantages of installing these and some of the most important among them include the following:

LED Street light switches on immediately: unlike the fluorescent lamps which take time to heat up once they are switched on, these lights switch on immediately and light up the entire area within seconds.

Emits bright light: it is known to emit bright lights compared to the ordinary bulbs. It has the capacity to emit bright light and thereby lights up a wide area of roads and parking lots.

Better night vision: installation of it has paved way for better and improved vision at night.

Efficient and more durable: these are more long lasting compared to the ordinary lights.

Requires less maintenance: due to its increased life span, it seldom requires any sort of maintenance or repairs.

Environment friendly: it is environment friendly as it does not emit any sort of poisonous gas while being lit. The bulbs do not contain mercury or harmful chemicals. As it does not contain any harmful chemicals it can be easily disposed causing no harm to the environment or soil.

Directional light: it emitted from the street light containing LED bulbs are much more directional and uniform. The lights also contain huge amount of brightness unlike the ordinary lights.

Though the LED Street light emits bright and uniform light, it does not require much power as compared to the fluorescent lamps. Moreover a huge variety of LED lights can be bought at relatively lower prices from the online stores.

These lights are safe to use as it seldom heats up. So it is widely used to light up pavements, streets, tunnels and parking lots. Due to its innumerable features, it is being used in many fields which include rope lights for decorations, bulbs for the growth of indoor plants and so forth. The discovery and use of the LED bulbs have indeed proved to be a milestone in the history of mankind.

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