How Do I Safely Delete My Phone Before I Sell It???

How you do this depends on the operating system and the type of storage unit that your device has. For the rest, we’ll talk about how to back up your internal memory, but first you should explain a little how what is meid flash memory works. As you probably know with normal hard drives on the partition, the data is not really deleted when something is deleted. Your smartphone’s internal flash memory is not the same thing.

The phone reforms its unit and identifies the old data as logically deleted. This means that the data is not permanently deleted, but that it can be written about. For the average user, both mean practically the same thing. As mentioned above, Factory Reset Protection is activated when you restart your phone via recovery mode, when you have not yet removed your Google accounts from the device.

Many Android phones and tablets, especially older devices, do not support hardware-based encryption. Just know that encryption can slow down the performance of your device and that it cannot be deactivated without resetting your phone. If you encrypt all of your phone data before you reset your factory phone, all of your data will be encrypted.

But remember, it won’t harm your system and you won’t leave your phone. Here we show you how you can reset any Android smartphone ex works. Your phone will continue to work properly when you format it.

You can safely delete a Mac or PC by creating a DBAN CD or a free boot flash drive. When you start your computer with DBAN, you can select multiple levels of secure deletion and choose which drives you want to delete if the computer has more than one. Or you can write “autónuke” to safely delete all units. First start the recovery mode by holding down the command and R keys while turning them on. After starting, select the hard drive utility from the menu and continue. Select your hard drive and then choose security options.


Basic Concepts Of Saltwater Fishing

Shrimp are particularly effective in the colder months when pinfish and other small, disruptive fish are a minor problem. Bait fish and crustaceans seek refuge in the rocks of these docks. Fishermen who throw artificial bait and live and cut bait will succeed. There is often a hole in the back of the jetty in the ocean or on the Gulf. This hole was created by a whirlpool in the current flow. This can be a great place because the fish uses the space for the stage.

Dock fishing doesn’t depend as much on the weather conditions, and you don’t need as much additional equipment as you would need for a kayak or boat. Trolling is one of the most effective fishing techniques for saltwater fishing. Pull your bait or lure it behind your boat at a slow and steady speed instead of lowering a line in one place. The baits look like a floating fish, and if you’re lucky, a bigger fish will decide that your bait looks delicious. You want to make sure that you have the right bars, reels and rigs that are of high quality and not easy to break. Fishing is the most popular pastime in the United States.

A casting net is required, the ability to start it in a large bait well with a good circulation pump. Live bait fish can also be used effectively if red fish are sought under the sources. florida key west fly fishing The same method of chewing live baits is fatal to red fish and basses when implemented around the pier. A 3-inch fish or growl can also be fatal and generally catches larger fish.

It gives fishermen the opportunity to work hard on a good pier. A large living shrimp is a great bait all year round. ° 1/0 in a fraction of a second or two is a simple and effective platform.

This action usually occurs in autumn in the coastal bays and in the Atlantic near the coast. Some fishermen choose to anchor and occupy a place instead of bypassing it. The boat is anchored in a fall, hard floor or other likely place. Menhadenöl or another friend sprinkles with the tide from the stern.

A stabilizer can be used to adjust the depth, while stabilizers can extend the bait. The type of gear used may vary depending on the type of fish the fisherman is trying to catch. Salt water fish cards are a billion dollar industry in tourist areas.

If you are aware of superficial activities, you will increase your chances of success again. Chumming is one of the most productive fishing methods in salt water. It is a very effective technique because mackerel respond well to friends. Fishermen can eat buddies with frozen blocks or live bait fish.

However, saltwater fishermen only need a few sizes and hook styles to get started. Here, too, fishermen who target larger fish with larger baits must increase the size of the hook. This saltwater fishing article covers tips, equipment, techniques, and species that thoroughly cover all aspects of saltwater fishing in the United States. However, the information is applicable worldwide. The salt water fishing device is explained in detail. These are tips and techniques that I learned as the captain of a charter ship in Florida.

They use a fishing rod or a roll to throw the bait over the water and create an optical illusion. It is important that you use the right bait to attract the fish you are looking for. Some popular saltwater fly fishing lures you want to see are streamers and bugs.

Artificial baits are a lot of fun in this situation. Anglers who project surface poppers, flat diving caps, spoons and insoles act quickly as long as the bait is similar in size and color to the bait fish. On some days it doesn’t matter, shooters hit almost everything in moving water.


The Advantages Of Aerial Photography

While photographing a property from the ground can provide a lot of information, this is nothing compared to the value of photographing a building from above.

In the United States, aerial photographs are used in many environmental impact assessments of phase I locations for real estate analysis. Together with other members of the 1 PRU, he was a pioneer of high-altitude stereoscopic high-speed photography techniques, which were crucial for uncovering the location of many important military and intelligence goals. Jones used photos to determine the size and launch mechanisms that are characteristic of both the V-1 bomb and the V-2 missile. Cotton also worked on ideas such as a prototype of a specialized reconnaissance aircraft and other refinements of photographic equipment. The British flew more than 100 reconnaissance flights a day and produced 50,000 pictures a day to interpret them. Surprisingly, it has also proven successful in resolving property border and land disputes.

This helps construction companies and contractors reduce the cost of their projects. Drones can fly down at different angles, which helicopters and planes real estate video tour georgia cannot do. The immense privilege of drone technology in the real estate industry is its ability to collect creative and dynamic visual content.

Drones are used for all types of real estate ads, including homes, apartments, resorts, vacant lots, commercial real estate and much more. Current drone camera technology can include still images, videos, several general map images and even 360-degree panoramas. If you were to do a simple property search in South Florida, you would find that several properties are droned and that they are the real estate that distinguishes potential buyers from crowded listing sites!

For this reason, it is promised that the future of the drones in the real estate arena will light up for the size of the real estate and drone market. Mark more features of UAV Banked property, the countless chances of success, especially in the real estate sector, are unrivaled. Drones achieve this by encompassing large angles of images and recordings in different modes and the wide range of image settings contained therein. Its mobility, especially in remote areas, contributes to the air content of drones and creates and illuminates the many aspects and properties of properties that were not so bright. A Fairchild air reconnaissance aircraft in 1935 carried a unit that combined two synchronized cameras, and each camera had five six-inch lenses with a ten-inch lens and took 23,000-foot photos.


Checklist Renter’s Apartment Guide For The First Time

If you spend more, the rest of your budget will be much more difficult. Make sure you include your utilities and WiFi in your budget, and remember that utilities can change dramatically from one climate to another. If you may be renting in an old building, in a residential building near a body of water, or in a pet-friendly apartment building, you should ask about pest problems. Ask your landlord whether rodents, bugs, fleas, cockroaches, etc. It has always been a problem in the complex and which preventive methods are used for pests.

This begins with a progressive price increase, in which you convince yourself that you can afford a place that is simply not possible. Expect the monthly rent and don’t stop here – check out the city tax and ask for the average bills. Think about whether guest pots are used, what type of heating is available and whether there is double glazing. The type of property also affects the amount you spend on your heating costs – an old house with high ceilings costs more heat than a small, modern floor on the second or third floor. Before looking for apartments, print out a map of the area and draw a point about the most important place for you.

The concessions usually include one or more months with free rent, the owner pays the runner fee and free access to construction work. As the tenant market becomes more competitive, you won’t find concessions as generous as a year ago when homeowners had a lot of vacancies, but it’s still advisable to ask. In addition to paying the first monthly rent, you will probably have to pay at least one monthly rent as a deposit.

Whether you move out of your parents’ house or jump in and leave your bedroom behind to become a home tenant for the first time is an initiation rite and an exciting time in your life. Of course, the discovery of how renting an apartment brings new tasks and responsibilities, as well as the freedom to choose the perfect place. Some homeowners offer a monthly discount for tenants who sign a 18-month or two-year lease, says Culkin.

Make sure that everyone living in the apartment signs the lease and then works together to write a roommate contract. This specifies protective measures that protect you from possible collisions when paying bills, cleaning, noise and much more. If your building has a roof terrace, a fitness room, a bicycle storage room or other amenities, make sure that your access is included in the rental agreement. Sometimes you can request that the management company waive the tariffs.

To keep your housing budget straight and track the estimated costs vs. Actual costs, consider using an online budget app or budget tracker. They can often continue to be used after moving in to monitor your monthly expenses and help you stay up to date. Some homeowners offer lower rents to people who don’t have much money. To request a subsidized apartment, contact the administration office in a residential building. You can search for subsidized housing on the website of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. You want to know with confidence that you will live in your new home until your lease expires.

Knowing how to identify rental fraud is associated with experience. For the first time, a housing tenant will be more vulnerable to others, and more than 5.2 million American tenants have been victims of rental fraud. A car is not essential if you are considering how to rent an apartment and where to park. Some neighborhoods rent apartment in Houston instead of buying home such as downtown Seattle or Boston rarely need a car and offer many public transportation. More suburban areas require a reliable parking situation and can affect the type of apartment complex you have chosen. If you cannot afford to live alone and move in with your roommates, it is important to take some preparatory steps.


Buy An Investment Property

All successful real estate investors have in common that they never stop learning. This way of thinking about further training will serve you well throughout your career as an investor. In this list of real estate investment books you will find some recommendations to make it easier for you to get started. What makes wholesale for beginners’ real estate investments excellent is that no significant capital is required to get started.

Your cash flow is the rental amount you receive from your rental property every month. Expenditures can include insurance, property taxes, property managers and others. Whether you’re new to the investment or doing some business, our new online real estate class covers everything you need to know to start investing in real estate. Experienced investor Than Merrill explains the best real estate strategies to help you have a better financial future.

If you have a good understanding of different types of real estate, you can organize your task list to start with real estate investments. The five types of real estate are residential, commercial, industrial, retail and mixed use. Everyone needs their own funding, responsibility and long-term plan. As a new investor who buys your first investment property, you may need to consider investment loan options: you shouldn’t have debt like your investment portfolio. You must have all of your debts, student loans, medical bills, etc. delete.before you start real estate. Unlike the 3% deposit for the house you currently live in, you need at least a 20% deposit to buy your first investment property.

While investors may need capital for successful marketing or good faith payments, they do not buy real estate. In addition, wholesale investors can build a reliable network and develop a solid understanding of their market area. If you’ve been looking for a guide to real estate investment for beginners, you’ve come to the right place. Buying real estate is a great investment option, but it can be difficult to navigate the system and do it right. That is why we offer tips and suggestions, friendly strategies for beginners, terminology and mistakes that we should avoid. You will want to keep this guide to real estate investment for beginners at your side.

Alternatively, you can buy a property with multiple units and live in one of the units. This can help you qualify for a home loan even though you are planning to generate real estate rent income. Online real estate platforms, also called real estate crowdfunding platforms, help connect Real Estate Lawyer Glendale Southern California borrowers with investors. Developers will publish agreements and projects for which they need funding, and investors can fund these projects through debt or capital. Investors can take advantage of real estate investments without having to deal with real estate or workers.

Real estate managers serve as a buffer between you and the tenant. They find tenants, collect rentals, coordinate repairs and regularly inspect their property. Although you don’t have to hire a real estate manager or real estate management company, many real estate investors consider it a profitable, time-saving option.

In most cases, real estate investors buy a so-called difficult property, spend money to repair it, and then sell it to another person. Hard-fitting properties are a property that has been neglected and needs to be repaired to reach its potential value. These repairs can range from placing fresh carpets to replacing a roof. Depending on your investment strategy, there are some financing options that are suitable for you. Real estate investors can start in a traditional place, such as a financial institution mortgage or a government loan.

The most common way a real estate business can be profitable is appreciation. The appreciation is an increase in the value of an asset over time. The asset can be residential, commercial, and even undeveloped land. The increase can take place for various reasons, for example from increased demand with a falling supply. Making profits in your real estate business comes from selling your asset after increasing your value. Second, real estate income generates income through regular payments or rents.


15 Great Benefits Of Playing Video Games

For the most part, children can no longer go out and find others to play freely, away from adults, as they once did; but many of them can start making computers and playing video games. Over time, these games have become increasingly varied, complex, creative and social. This is especially true for the increasing popularity of online multiplayer games. If you believe in scary articles in the media, you might believe that increasing video games is a cause of reduced psychological health, but, as I have suggested elsewhere (p. E.g. here) the opposite may be true. Video games can even be an improvement factor and help counteract the harmful effects of the loss of other forms of play.

Treatment programs have been developed worldwide to combat video game addiction, including in the United States, South Korea and the Netherlands. About a third of the children we studied said they played some video games because they liked to teach others to play. As a child’s father revealed during the investigation, “My child’s interaction with his friends solves situations within a game.”. It’s about how to get from this place to that place, or collect certain things you need and combine them in ways that help you succeed.”Some children are given the status of” child “go to” who knows how to beat the hardest parts of a game. Teaching others builds social and communication skills, as does patience. While video games are not bad for your mental health in themselves, you can get addicted to them.

It is unclear what exactly is behind this link, or whether the relationship is even causal. Research shows that video games can also be good for your brain in other ways. Research has shown that playing video games can promote the acquisition of a variety of skills and skills, including creative thinking, troubleshooting, adaptability and ingenuity and leadership skills. While it may not seem obvious at first, video games are great vehicles for learning new skills.

“An important aspect of understanding how addictions work is the brain’s reward system. The reward system mediates how pleasant stimuli act as positive empowerments for behavior.”Once our brains are exposed to something pleasant, we often want more and video games are no exception. Based on this, Matthew Ventura and his colleagues assumed that players would be more persistent, less likely to give up to solve difficult problems than non-players. They then confirmed this hypothesis in an experiment with university students. They found that those who played video games many hours a week continued to try significantly longer to solve very difficult anagrams and riddles than those who played less or nothing video games. This increase in persistence can help explain the positive correlations between video games and school grades, as mentioned above.

Another study by vision scientists at the University of Rochester and Vanderbilt University found that children with poor vision see a great improvement in their peripheral vision after just eight hours of training through video games for children. If video games exacerbate psychological well-being, we should expect to find more mental and social health problems in video games than with comparable non-player people. If video games, like other forms of play, generally improve well-being, we need to discover that players are mentally healthier on average than non-players. For the time being, many dozen studies have explored the psychological correlations and consequences of video games, and together the results overwhelmingly support the idea that video games bring many of the same benefits as other forms of play. The only variety of games that have not declined in these decades, but have increased, are video games.

Most video game research has been conducted with adolescents or young adults as participants, but a large-scale study by the Columbia University School of Mental Health Mailman examined the correlations of video games in children aged 6 to 11 (Kovess-Massety et al. 2016). In this survey, 3,195 children and their parents estimate the average number of hours per week that children played video games, and parents and teachers completed questionnaires about each child’s intellectual, social, and emotional functioning. The main finding was that those who played video games 5 hours a week or more showed significantly higher intellectual performance, higher academic performance, better peer relationships and less mental problems than those who played such games less or nothing.

The brain areas involved in healthcare were more efficient in the players and regions with regard to the visual skills that were greater and more efficient. Another group of researchers from the Chinese University of Electronic Science and Technology and the Australian University of Macquarie in Sydney found a link between playing action video games and increasing the volume of gray matter in the brain. Video games help children with dyslexia read faster and more accurately, according to a study by Current Biology magazine. In addition, spatial and temporal attention also improved during action-videogame training.

With the growth of connected toys, children can also experience physical play while playing on devices. Educational toys like Osmo combine touchgame pieces with a device’s camera to bring action to life in the game. Games also have a social aspect: research has shown that a third of video game players kangtau88 make good friends online. In addition, video games are also considered therapeutic as they help relieve stress. Despite the potential value of video games, much of the media attention has been negative so far, mainly due to concerns about possible addiction to video games and violent content.