How Do I Safely Delete My Phone Before I Sell It???

How you do this depends on the operating system and the type of storage unit that your device has. For the rest, we’ll talk about how to back up your internal memory, but first you should explain a little how what is meid flash memory works. As you probably know with normal hard drives on the partition, the data is not really deleted when something is deleted. Your smartphone’s internal flash memory is not the same thing.

The phone reforms its unit and identifies the old data as logically deleted. This means that the data is not permanently deleted, but that it can be written about. For the average user, both mean practically the same thing. As mentioned above, Factory Reset Protection is activated when you restart your phone via recovery mode, when you have not yet removed your Google accounts from the device.

Many Android phones and tablets, especially older devices, do not support hardware-based encryption. Just know that encryption can slow down the performance of your device and that it cannot be deactivated without resetting your phone. If you encrypt all of your phone data before you reset your factory phone, all of your data will be encrypted.

But remember, it won’t harm your system and you won’t leave your phone. Here we show you how you can reset any Android smartphone ex works. Your phone will continue to work properly when you format it.

You can safely delete a Mac or PC by creating a DBAN CD or a free boot flash drive. When you start your computer with DBAN, you can select multiple levels of secure deletion and choose which drives you want to delete if the computer has more than one. Or you can write “aut√≥nuke” to safely delete all units. First start the recovery mode by holding down the command and R keys while turning them on. After starting, select the hard drive utility from the menu and continue. Select your hard drive and then choose security options.