Use Salt To Remove Your Permanent Eyebrows

Customers undergoing this service can expect a healing experience similar to a regular microblade eyebrow tattoo. The process takes 90 to 120 minutes and most of our customers need 2 sessions to perfect their eyebrows. Retouching appointments can be made 2 to 3 months after your first visit. Regular eyebrow tattoos last a lifetime, but with microblading the ink is not placed so deep under the skin.

Developed by Semi-Permanent Micropigment Technology ™ for a waterproof and stain resistant color that lasts all day. Over time, our patented formula stains eyebrows (such as needleless microblade!) so you have naturally defined eyebrows. Microblading has stormed the beauty industry in recent years. A very natural looking eyebrow can be achieved with a portable aid, making many hair-like prints by implanting pigmentation areas under the skin. Microblading is intended to replace individual hairs, not to fill their eyebrows so that they appear full of pencil or shade.

The term microblading generally refers to the process of cutting fine channels on the skin and depositing pigments using a hand tool. The technique that has existed for decades, but was replaced by digital machines to create the same effect. However, the portable method returned a few years ago and has grown in popularity as it became cheaper and therefore more accessible for technicians to learn and customers to do so. The eyebrow is semi-permanent, so it will start to fade significantly after months, even though it only fades gradually. More frequent tinkering may be necessary when a customer initially chose a softer, lighter shade, or customers who did not follow the advice of aftercare about sunscreen, etc. Customers who dye it will understand that certain elements blur their hair faster.

This visit lasts about 1 hour and takes place 6 weeks later. It is IMPERATIVE that you complete the second visit, because without it the permanent lip makeup work will be half finished and the results will not be optimal. Occasionally, a third visit may be required for certain customers.

Semi-permanent micropigmentation is not an exact science, so every customer is different. Some customers even discover that they would like the VERSE aspect and even come together after 12 months. It is fine for customers to use eyebrow pencil between touch appointments. Newer methods of removing permanent makeup also include other risks. The elimination of the laser tattoo carries an increased risk of burning eyes, so eye protectors should be used.