What Is An Integrated Security System?

Deliver best-in-class enterprise security management software to protect your employees, property, and assets. Access control systems allow you not only to restrict access, but also to allow access to multiple buildings if necessary. As a Pennsylvania-based company, we invest in the success of local businesses and our community, helping us find the most efficient solutions for our customers.

However you see it, hosted access control saves employees time and eliminates the need for on-site monitoring personnel at each location. Many companies also integrate hosted video services into their access control management, as video surveillance can help companies respond quickly and accurately to incidents. Vulnerabilities are much easier to understand when high-quality video can be used to identify important problem areas. When you combine video with access control, the efficiency of your security system increases, giving users the ability to control risk and make informed decisions for an appropriate response.

Coordinating enterprise security has never been more difficult, and organizations need to carefully consider their security solution options. Key lockers are another way hospitals can protect devices and medications. Custom user permissions only allow authorized personnel to access specific devices and medications and provide an activity log that can be reviewed along with CCTV recordings. The integration of all access and security systems and their control via a uniform platform gives security managers the best chance of finding the right balance. Aatel designs and installs access control systems in the health, business, education and government sectors. Access control systems provide you with data about who entered or left the building and when.

Workplace safety is important for a number of reasons, but what many employers may not realize is that it can be an effective way to increase productivity. Studies have shown that employees are happier when they feel Control Integrators they are working in a safe environment and happy employees are more productive than those who are not. For example, you can connect a smart thermostat to the policy to use your company’s HVAC method more efficiently.

However, this makes it difficult to secure administrative offices, storage rooms and other restricted areas. Stadiums can accommodate tens of thousands of spectators, making them a prime target for acts of violence. Access control systems can help security teams create a policy that doesn’t compromise fan security.

Most access control systems define access portals according to a logical grouping. Therefore, a housekeeper could have access to all floors and the service elevator of the building to which she is assigned. The systems use a computer, credentials, credential reader, and door lock to electronically control access. The access control portal is coupled with a wall or fence to avoid being surrounded by the portal. A robust security system means that unauthorized visitors or potential attackers are even less likely, which is good for the employees and authorized visitors you want to protect.